Hall of Fame - Batting | Carlingford Waratah Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1886776221263625281630588Thomas WilkinCarlingford Waratah2017/20185th Grade6 1North Ryde RSL
2857324411263625274859185*Pradeep Widana-PathiranaCarlingford Waratah2017/20182nd Grade1 1Northbridge
3796657431263625269071879Andrew VassilaCarlingford Waratah2017/20185th Grade1 1West Epping Red
4769798501263625279479676*Nicholas AustenCarlingford Waratah2017/20185th Grade3 1North Ryde RSL
5747324411263625274859574Pradeep Widana-PathiranaCarlingford Waratah2017/20182nd Grade2 1Hunters Hill Pirates
6649862971263625278756364Armaan SharmaCarlingford Waratah2017/2018Under 144 1St Patricks College Black
7616883811263625281627761Amogh BadnikarCarlingford Waratah2017/20185th Grade5 1Rydalmere Sky Blue
8586956631263625269007358Roy M GardinerCarlingford Waratah2017/2018Under 141 2Holy Cross Crusaders
9579862971263625278746957Armaan SharmaCarlingford Waratah2017/2018Under 142 1Epping District
10526956631263625278766352*Roy M GardinerCarlingford Waratah2017/2018Under 145 1West Ryde
115012008061263625279395350*Nicholas LaytonCarlingford Waratah2017/2018Under 123 1Holy Cross Crusaders
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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