Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    NDJCA:U12 Pre Season110000100%
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season32001067%
    NCU:6th Grade146134050%
    NDJCA:U14 Pre Season21001050%
    NDJCA:U14 Pre Season21001050%
    NDJCA:Under 14 West105032050%
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 10146035043%
    NDJCA:Under 12 East104015040%
    NDJCA:Under 12 West156036040%
    NCU:6th Grade135035038%
    NDJCA:Under 15/16 Lillee83023038%
    NCU:1st Grade145045036%
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 10145045036%
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season31002033%
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 11124026033%
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 10134036031%
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 10113035027%
    NCU:D Reserve One Day133019023%
    NDJCA:Under 12 East102017020%
    NDJCA:Under 12 West1530210020%
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 11132038015%
    NDJCA:Under 15/16 Lillee71015014%
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season3002100%
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/92002000%
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/92002000%
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/92002000%
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/92002000%
    NDJCA:U12 Pre Season1000100%
    NDJCA:Under 13 East150031200%
    NDJCA:Under 14 East9001800%
    NDJCA:U13 Pre Season       
    NDJCA:U15/16 Lillee Pre-Season       

    Season batting statistics
    NDJCA:U12 Pre Season1671411.93493.39003
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season3361719.76605.60013
    NCU:6th Grade227410122.515524.121514
    NDJCA:U14 Pre Season2701222.50515.29013
    NDJCA:U14 Pre Season2881816.00584.97014
    NDJCA:Under 14 West17485134.272955.93091
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1014115028.222007.06000
    NDJCA:Under 12 East10265219.732324.410112
    NDJCA:Under 12 West12656718.882904.36002
    NCU:6th Grade19318123.845043.831714
    NDJCA:Under 15/16 Lillee10437214.492594.020111
    NCU:1st Grade17669019.625643.130616
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1010956716.341806.08000
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season3922118.67557.02011
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1112568315.132205.71001
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1010216815.012005.11000
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 109806515.081606.13000
    NCU:D Reserve One Day12078414.372814.290325
    NDJCA:Under 12 East8056412.582293.510015
    NDJCA:Under 12 West10128412.053093.27001
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1111866119.442005.93000
    NDJCA:Under 15/16 Lillee6795911.512183.110119
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season2231120.27405.58013
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900      
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900      
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900      
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900      
    NDJCA:U12 Pre Season2211415.79317.09004
    NDJCA:Under 13 East908939.762603.490029
    NDJCA:Under 14 East8857711.492803.160022
    NDJCA:U13 Pre Season00      
    NDJCA:U15/16 Lillee Pre-Season00      

    Season bowling statistics
    NDJCA:U12 Pre Season1520813.87238.980
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season1935018.42576.140
    NCU:6th Grade128256720.057023.652
    NDJCA:U14 Pre Season834643.25605.770
    NDJCA:U14 Pre Season1427219.43505.441
    NDJCA:Under 14 West59107318.192743.910
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1058128422.142205.840
    NDJCA:Under 12 East5795616.772114.510
    NDJCA:Under 12 West77117115.212924.010
    NCU:6th Grade87216324.865903.660
    NDJCA:Under 15/16 Lillee65110316.972754.000
    NCU:1st Grade97187919.375173.631
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1074114415.461806.360
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season3876320.08948.100
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1154142926.461857.720
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1083117414.142005.871
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 104695020.651605.941
    NCU:D Reserve One Day46141430.742385.930
    NDJCA:Under 12 East38109428.792234.890
    NDJCA:Under 12 West54132724.572864.640
    NDJCA:Stage 1 Under 1150127725.542006.391
    NDJCA:Under 15/16 Lillee4267015.951953.441
    NCU:T20 Pre-Season2044722.35716.300
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900 0  
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900 0  
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900 0  
    NDJCA:Master Blaster U8/900 0  
    NDJCA:U12 Pre Season1515810.53384.120
    NDJCA:Under 13 East53158129.832855.530
    NDJCA:Under 14 East53189435.743185.940
    NDJCA:U13 Pre Season00 0  
    NDJCA:U15/16 Lillee Pre-Season00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team